Summer Camp

Spend summer with Magnolia Karate Academy where we let kids be kids! No Martial Arts experience necessary! A desire for FUN is required!

Camps are designed for elementary-school-aged campers (6-11 years old) and run Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

A new camp theme will be presented each week to keep our campers excited, engaged and learning.

For more information send us an email at [email protected].


Download the Summer Camp Handbook & Policies:
2018 MKA Summer Camp Handbook & Policies (PDF)

Download the Summer Camp Registration Form:
2018 MKA Summer Camp Registration Form (PDF)


WEEK 1 – “Samurai”

6/25 – 6/28
Learn the virtues of the Samurai! We will be punching, kicking and practicing balance and of course the best stealth maneuvers as we become the Ultimate Warriors.


WEEK 2 – “Martial Arts Fitness”

7/9 – 7/12
AKA “Endorphin Camp”! We will awaken your child’s love for fitness by breaking a sweat every day through various endurance training techniques and fun obstacles. There will be something fun for everyone and every body!


WEEK 3 – “Hogwarts”

7/16 – 7/19
By now campers have received their letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Magic where they unlock their potential and discover the wonderful world of Hogwarts through Quidditch matches, wand battles and “Defense Against the Dark Arts”.


WEEK 4 – “Secret Agent”

7/23 – 7/26
Go undercover and help to save the planet from sneaky villains! Each day campers complete a special mission with a team of fellow agents to earn their stripes!


WEEK 5 – “Ghostbusters”

7/30 – 8/2
Who ya gonna call? We’re calling YOU! Try not to get slimed while we make Ghostbuster-themed crafts and learn skills with our proton packs!


Open Weeks/On Demand

8/6-8/9, 8/13-8/16, 8/20-8/23, 8/27-8/30
Due to generally low enrollment during the month of August, we do not currently have August Summer Camps. However, with sufficient interest/demand (minimum of 10 enrollees) we will gladly open as many weeks as requested.