What to expect…

Promotion at the Magnolia Karate Academy is both a privilege and a responsibility. While promotion affords students an opportunity to expand their knowledge it also requires improved proficiency and accountability to the curriculum of previous levels. Standards for performance, behavior and discipline become more clearly defined with each rank. By upholding such standards Magnolia Karate Academy insures that higher-ranking students provide the leadership central to the integrity of Traditional Karate.

Promotion is a pressurized forum designed to test the strengths and weaknesses of the student. The best students may occasionally fail the physical test. Failure under these circumstances should only be seen as an opportunity for improvement. Should a student fail promotion fees will be refunded. Students who fail promotion will be advised by the Instructor as to the points of improvement required for success on their next test.


Please note the following:

  • Eligibility to test for the next rank is determined by the student’s instructor and is based upon many factors including proficiency and understanding of the required techniques, a demonstrated improvement of previous ranks curriculum, and attendance.
  • Students will be advised when they are ready for promotion testing and should not ask to be tested.
  • Some students will take longer than others to advance.
  • Youth typically take longer to advance than adults.
  • Students must be current in tuition payments.


Testing Fees

Testing fee for ranks below Black Belt is $15.00.  Please contact Sensei for information about Black Belt promotion fees.


Pay here the Karate Promotion Fee:


Application For Promotion

I feel that I have trained diligently and I am prepared to be examined by an instructor of the Magnolia Karate Academy for promotion to the rank of .
I understand that promotion is not mandatory nor a requirement for continued training, but a means for advancement and recognition of achievement in Karate.

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