Teens and Adults

Benefits for Adults

Karate for Adults

Karate for an adult can be a mystery, but as the old adage goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The first step is to contact the instructor Sensei O’Donnell, having lived and worked in Japan for years Sensei O’Donnell is able to bridge the gap between cultures and you get the benefit of his experience. Some people come to karate for the physical workout, others for the discipline. Nearly all reap the benefits of better sleep, coping with stress, and a new and different outlook on life. Some people come to karate because it is something you have always wanted to do, but never took the, “One step.”

Feel free to take the one step and contact Sensei O’Donnell directly. Find out what it about first, then if you want come in to see what the class is like – no obligation, no sales, karate is unique and seeing it in action is important for you to make an informed choice.


Benefits for Teens

The teen years are more difficult than ever before and karate has an answer. Besides the self-defense teens learn about what it is to be self-directed, to have goals, and meet those goals inside the dojo (training hall) and outside the dojo.

The dojo is a place to learn, to grown and apply what has been learned. New ranks are never given, they are earned through the application of what they have been taught. Teens are encouraged to work toward their next rank with support and excellent instruction, and other success orient people on the dojo floor. Often this spills out into other parts of their lives, resulting in better grades, social skills, and a much higher sense of self.

Every aspect of karate training is designed to help your teen deal better with stress, and supports you in building the foundation for a successful life for your child.



We encourage family participation. Parents who train with their children can provide them with visible role models of integrity, work ethics and discipline.


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