4 & 5 Years Old

Success is the theme of the Tiny Tigers class.

Balancing fun with lessons and rules is the key to a great learning environment. Your child will learn the basics of karate while also improving their ability to take and implement instruction from their teachers. A positive self-image, and effective ways of dealing with safety are the foundations of Karate for children this age. There are expectations and each child gets to experience the thrill of success and accomplishment.

Please feel free to come to a class and watch the growth that takes place with and inside the kids as they learn the traditional art of karate.



Focus, discipline and standards are the cornerstones to this phase of learning. The rank system shows clear achievement and with that the pride of ownership of a job well done. The classes are vibrant, the goals clear, and instruction outstanding.

These traditional methods of teaching are challenging yet the goals are accessible.

Learning the physical art of karate is only part of the formula. The kids learn about responsibility, accountability and develop skills that will last, through middle school, high school, college and their entire lives.

Your child is likely going to see a friend at the dojo (the training hall) and will make new friends as well.


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